We are EEC-PET

The European Expertise Center for Pharmacy Education and Training (EEC-PET) is initiated by the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP) in order to facilitate further development of Pharmacy education in Europe. Our mission is to support pharmacy educators in the development of high quality education at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level by sharing information, expertise and good practices.

This website will be the main tool for sharing information, identification of educational experts and consultancy functions. The website will also function as a portal to courses and other educational resources in the field of Pharmacy education and training.

EAFP has taken the initiative but other stakeholders (such as PGEU, EAHP, and EIPG) will be invited to participate in the initiative. Other partners will be added later, as educational expertise develops.

  • Find country-specific information about Pharmacy education
  • Find colleagues with expertise in particular educational fields
  • Collaborate with other Pharmacy teachers
  • Find support for curriculum development and re-engineering
  • Find good practices and training courses
  • Share your good practices with colleagues

The EEC-PET website is maintained by dr. Andries Koster, in collaboration with colleagues from several European faculties of Pharmacy. All contributors have been involved in the development of Pharmacy education as a participant of diverse EU-funded projects (Pharmine, Phar-QA, Phar-IN) or as a member of the executive committee of EAFP or other EEC-PET partners.


Our partners

Frequently asked questions

EEC-PET is an initiative of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP), which also hosts the EEC-PET website. EEC-PET operates independently, in collaboration with all European stakeholders, and has no commercial interests.

EEC-PET was created as a result of a number of European projects, which made an inventory of Pharmacy education in Europe (in the Pharmine project) and developed competency profiles for community, hospital and industrial pharmacists (in the Phar-QA and Phar-IN projects). These projects were initiated by EAFP, in collaboration with several faculties in Europe.

Send us an e-mail and mention what you can contribute.

A few journals, specialized in Pharmacy education (mentioned in this website under ‘Expertise’), publish good practices on a regular basis.

At the moment EEC-PET has no formal structure for supporting curriculum development, but some institutions have extensive experience with curriculum development processes. EEC-PET can mediate between institutions (send us an e-mail). Final arrangements about support given (time, fees, etc.) need to be made between the partners.

Experts, mentioned in the expertise database, can be directly contacted (e-mail addresses are given). If no suitable expert can be found in the database, send us an e-mail.

Any questions left? Send an e-mail now