European pharmacy curriculum mapping

As a result of the Phar-QA project it was decided to evaluate the usefulness of the recently developed European Pharmacy Competences Framework (EPCF) as a tool for the mapping of existing first-degree pharmacy curricula. The purpose of this study is to see how the Framework can be used for curriculum evaluation and development. Colleagues from several cities (Granada, Helsinki, Krakow, Ljubljana, Manchester, Paris, Tartu, Uppsala, Utrecht) volunteered to participate in this first round of the mapping exercise and are developing their expertise in this area. The first results indicate that curriculum mapping is not an easy task and that much can be learned from the exchange of good practices. A first evaluation will be presented in the upcoming EAFP annual conference (Helsinki, May 2017).

If you are interested or want to join in this project, please contact the coordinator ( We are particularly interested in the participation of colleagues from other European countries.


  • I want to participate in the mapping of the Pharmacy curriculum.
    I am Peruvian and a teacher of the professional pharmacy school of a private university, what should I do to participate?

  • I will contact you by e-mail.

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